Katya Osadchaya ride on the Jaguar F-Type

The star was the Ambassador of the brand.

Ukrainian TV presenter and brand Ambassador of Jaguar in Ukraine Ekaterina Osadchaya introduced a new model Jaguar F-Type, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Browser.

“This car was designed with emotions, vivid and theatrical people. In the back of Coupe or Cabriolet, it is ideal for couples, where only room for two. I am a man of the stage, if you also like theatrical special effects – this car is for you,” stressed presenter.

The video involved four-wheel-drive F-Type with 2-liter petrol engine capacity of 300 HP With it, the updated model is capable of speeds up to 250 km/h and acceleration to first “hundred” coupe required by 5.7 seconds.

“Idol on stage, but real life happens behind the scenes. Them in the F-Type perform intelligent technology focused on the driver. The brighter the owner of the car, the more impressive must be these technologies,” explained the anchorwoman. Built-in infotainment system Jaguar connects the owner with the outside world, and the modern audio system is a full-bodied sound to your favorite tracks in the cabin.

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