In the national police told how many in Ukraine “thieves in law”

Many of the “thieves in law” run by criminal organizations, while in other countries.

In Ukraine, settled about 10% of “thieves in law” from around the world. About this June 5, said the head of national police Igor Klimenko, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

“About 15-25 “thieves in law” are now in the territory of Ukraine. But their calls to Ukraine much more… most of the “thieves in law” − not Ukrainians… Ukrainians less than 6%,” − said Klimenko.

According to him, everything in the world about 450 “thieves in law”, who are originally from the former Soviet countries. Of them in Ukraine, we visit about 50 people.

The head of national police stressed that, as a rule, the “thieves in law” do not have Ukrainian passports.

“They have a passport or a fake or to another name,” − said Klimenko.

He added that very often the “thieves in law” run by criminal organizations at a distance − from Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Spain.

According to the head of Department, one “thief in law” may coordinate the activities of 5-6 thousand perpetrators of different crimes.

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