The NBU has released a new coin: the way it looks

NBU puts into circulation more than 5 million 10-hryvnia coins.

The national Bank of Ukraine on Wednesday, June 3, introduced into circulation coins of 10 hryvnias, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

New coin of 10 hryvnia — small in size, lightweight. Its diameter is 23.5 mm, weight 6.4 grams. It is made of zinc alloy plated with Nickel.

It is noted that, due to the larger diameter and the edge (the third side of the coin) with a special large corrugation people will find it easy to distinguish it from the coins of other denominations.

On the reverse of the coin of 10 hryvnia depicts a portrait of Ukrainian Hetman Ivan Mazepa; on the obverse in the center framed by ancient ornament placed the coin value.

During the automated coin counting special equipment for their identification are used the following technical specifications: size and weight, as well as the so-called electromagnetic signature an electronic signal characteristic of a material.

In the first stage, the NBU plans to issue more than 5 million 10-hryvnia coins that will be distributed among the Bank’s divisions in regions. 3 June 2020 banks will be able to get the updated banknotes in the Bank and give them to your customers.

New coins for a long time will go in parallel with similar bills. Gradually — as a result of natural wear and tear — 10-hryvnia banknotes will be replaced in circulation coins.

“This is part of a comprehensive solution optimization and upgrade-mint banknote series of the hryvnia, which continues in 2014 and aims in Ukraine to provide more reliable and counterfeit-proof banknotes, the convenience of cash payments and cost savings for the state,” — said the press service of the NBU, adding that the introduction of the new common coins of 10 hryvnias to complete the process.

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