Zelensky commented on the scandal with records of Biden and Poroshenko

The President doesn’t want Ukraine dragged into the elections in the United States.

President Vladimir Zelensky against retraction of Ukraine in the presidential elections in the United States because of the publication of audio recordings of conversations of ex-President Petro Poroshenko with ex-Vice US President Joe Biden, who is the presidential candidate of the Democrats, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Correspondent.

“Why do I need to re-draw Ukraine into this? Now we use bilateral support in the United States both in Congress and in the Senate. We have the support of the President. These records are not a priority,” he said.

The President noted the importance of the strategic partnership with the United States and assured that “Ukraine does not want to influence the domestic or the foreign situation in any country, or on the election process in any country”.

He also denies the possibility of his involvement in the leak of records. Zelensky in this matter are largely not interested in the conversation Poroshenko with Biden, and how could eavesdrop on a conversation in the presidential Administration.

“Look, I don’t know anything about the details of this arrangement. Was it achieved, not achieved, in General, she was. The only thing that interests me is how it was possible to overhear, to record in the Office of the President of Ukraine”, — he said.

As you know, the state Bureau of investigation has opened a case upon record a conversation and invited Poroshenko in for questioning as a witness, but he was not.

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