Trump demanded state governments to open the Church

Authorities recommend to hold services outdoors.

The US President Donald trump has urged state governors to immediately open the Church regardless of the situation with incidence in different parts of the country, reports the with reference to Country.

He said this during an emergency press conference in the White house.

“Today I define houses of worship — churches, synagogues and mosques — as important places that provide necessary services. In America we need more prayer, not less,” he said.

Trump also said that if the governors will respond to his request, he would have to “replace” them, although it is not known whether he had such authority.

So, the President has suffered religious organization in the discharge of the first necessities that Americans need to visit during a pandemic, as well as shops and pharmacies.

“The governors should do the right thing and allow these very important places of faith to open right now, this weekend. Some governors think wine shops and clinics for abortion is a necessary but not a Church. It is not correct. So I fix it and called the first house of worship in places of need. This is the place that bring together our society and bring people together. People need to go to Church and synagogue, in their mosque”, he added.

Note, the publication claims that trump is desperate to lift the quarantine and to create a semblance of normal life in the United States, despite the situation with coronavirus, ahead of presidential elections to be held this fall. And in the background the support of evangelists from the part of the white population, the trump team carefully monitors issues of religious communities and, according to journalists, quite often calls up with their representatives.

“I said, “You’d better open.” And they do it. And they will respond today or tomorrow at the churches. We have to open our Church,” said the President informed.

Instructions for conducting religious activities made up a few weeks ago, but the White house did not publish them until the first of trump’s statements about the need for open churches. So, authorities recommend to keep a safe distance, to hold services in the open air and to reduce the number of participants.

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