The tragedy in Zhytomyr region: the shooter’s wife called the cause of the conflict

The only survivor in this shooting is now in for questioning.

New details have become known to the tragedy, which occurred on the night of Friday near the village of Novoselytsia in Zhytomyr region. We will remind, according to the national police, 58-the summer local resident Anatoly Z., the tenant of a pond, killed with a hunting rifle seven people on the waterfront, reports the with reference for Today.

As it became known, during the conflict, victims of the arrow became his friends-the people with whom he met is not the first time.

In Novoselytsya we found the wife of the shooter. With bitterness in her voice, she told us what happened.

“Detained my husband. All this happened on the shore of the pond. Where drinking vodka is always a conflict. My husband is an emotional guy. He has already pleaded guilty. What was the cause of the conflict? My husband had to tell me that the conflict broke out because of the words of his buddies that they fought, he his children were not allowed in the army”, – told us the wife of a detainee Olga.

The woman added that some of the victims were friends of her husband, who repeatedly came to him to go fishing. Ending the conversation, Olga rhetorically added: “Well in our family it will never happen”.

It is also known that the only survivor in this shooting is now in for questioning.

The press service of the Zhytomyr region police said that the shooting has opened criminal proceedings.

“Investigators began criminal proceedings under part 2 St. 115 Criminal code of Ukraine, it’s murder two or more persons. the Sanction of article provides till 15 years of imprisonment or life imprisonment”, – said the cops.

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