The opening of the metro in Ukraine: what rules will be in effect

May 25-the government has allowed to earn to the metro.

As metro in 3 Ukrainian cities are preparing for the return of the passengers, reports the with reference to the Channel 24.


While Kiev was in quarantine, the Moscow metro refused to tokens – they will no longer sell. Use leftovers within one month.

To get to the subway soon will need to have

  • one of the electronic cards,
  • qr ticket
  • or pay for the trip through the terminal.

Also in Kiev was carried out the planned work: at several stations arranged tactile strip navigation and for passengers with limited mobility put calls and expand one door. Also started to build the subway to the conditions of quarantine drew level for the boundary on platforms that have started to disinfect the train.

We sanitize the entire infrastructure of the metro, we use tools, which give, according to the instructions, 14 – 12 days of action of the disinfectant. We conduct it every day,– said the press-Secretary of the KP “Kiev metro” Natalia Makogon.

The rules protect passengers:

  1. The temperature at the inlet will not be measured in Kyiv: the Kyiv city administration will limit the number of passengers and to check the temperature , but the presence of masks and gloves will be monitored by the police.
  2. Distancing – remain on the conscience of passengers, because additional cars trailers can’t – the platform is limited to 5, but the 6th remains in the tunnel.

However, the usual half million invasion of passengers in the subway do not expect. Crowds think to avoid, because the schedule will be dekorativnym. However, if you do not succeed, then, according to Natalia Makogon, the practice of limiting passenger traffic the station has three passenger doors allowed in alone.


In the river decided to attach additional coaches. Instead of the usual 3, will 5 – to ensure the distance between the passengers. The city recognizes that metro could not close. Passenger traffic on the single thread in 6 stations – not significant – about 10 thousand passengers per day.

“Passengers will be allowed only in the means of protection – masks and respirators. Will be established antiseptics for the hands. Disinfection of handrails will be done once in 3 hours”, – said the Deputy technical Dnipro metro Oleksandr Onofriychuk.

For downtime in the Dnipro metro conducted inspection and repaired all rolling stock, some stations fix the escalators.


In Kharkov to open a subway gained a lot of disinfectants, worked night disinfection of wagons and established pass system for compliance with social distance.

“Will be screening. A number of people will be regulated, as the seats are. They will need to fill thus to prevent accumulations”, – said the Chairman of Kharkiv regional state administration Alexey Kucher.

To metro finally returned to the lives of Ukrainians, the BRT requests that don’t use it unnecessarily.

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