Shooting near Zhitomir, killing soldiers of the National guard

Mortally wounded seven people.

There are new details of the massacre on may 22 at the waterfront near the village of Novoselytsia Popelnianski district of Zhytomyr region where the renter rate has shot seven people, reports the with reference to Country.

As it turned out killed soldiers of the National guard of Ukraine and the battalion name Kulchytsky.

According to him, today at about 01:00 local police contacted 43-year-old employee of Kyiv National aviation University Vadim fedyunin. The man said that in the company of eight people, in which he was near the pond in novoselitsa, a dispute arose with the tenant rate. The latest in the conflict used a firearm, fatally wounding seven men from the hunting smooth-bore gun IZH-58.

According to sources, among the victims are active military personnel of National guard of Ukraine. We are talking about the battalion name Kulchytsky Vladislav of Mamcenko and Andrew Moskala (by the nicknames “tiny” and “Bearded”), assigned to Gostomel military unit No. 3018 NSU, Vitalie Volcane, two soldiers with the call of “fin” and “Skander” (aka “Ukrainian Tatar “) and the Kiev volunteer Roman Khanenko (“Gece”) and the employee of the Kiev National aviation University Alexander Belous.

Previously it is established that in the process of conflict they were shot 58-year-old owner of bet Anatoly Zakharenko, who in October 2015 was brought to administrative responsibility for violation of rules of hunting weapons.

At the scene were seized rifle IZH-58, upon tragedy criminal case about the premeditated murder of two or more persons (clause 1 of part 2 of article 115 of the criminal code of Ukraine).

Now consider two versions of the tragic events. In particular, the Deputy Minister of internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko interpreted the situation, if the reservoir on the eve of the gathered company of old friends (obviously, these persons shall mean the executed soldiers and volunteers) with whom was the tenant of the reservoir Zakharenko. Men are jointly fished, drank alcoholic beverages, and then six of them lay down to rest, while the other three continued the feast.

What happened next is unknown, but then between drinking companions there was a dispute, and Zakharenko grabbed the weapon. According to Gerashchenko, it follows that the tenant of the reservoir first killed two men who were with him, and later decided to kill those who slept.

According to the second version, published in social networks, the story has a slightly different background. According to this version, before Zakharenko demanded “tribute” to local law enforcement and when he refused and passed the “werewolves in uniform”, to his “dismantling” came the Volunteers, the conflict which ended in gunfire.

You can add that on the eve of the tragedy on the website of the police of Zhytomyr region there was a message about the exposure of the bribe (part 3 of article 368 UK of Ukraine) the chief of police of one of regions of area, which for the “non-interference in the activities related to fish farming required a 58-year-old resident of the Romanovsky district on a monthly basis to give him 10 thousand hryvnias”.

According to the source, the issue was just about the pond near the village of Novoselytsia. Then, “the werewolf in epaulets” it was head office Popelnianski Korostyshevsky police Department GU NP in the Zhytomyr region, Lieutenant-Colonel Ruslan Manecki, and the applicant, who complained about the extortion, played Anatoly Zakharenko.

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