In Russia said that came out on a plateau on coronavirus

For the entire period recorded 3099 deaths.

The head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova during a meeting with President Vladimir Putin dedicated to the sanitary-epidemiological situation in the country, said that Russia has reached a plateau in incidence Covid-19, reports the with reference to Country.

Popova evaluated the current situation as quite stable. She added that, despite the stability, both now and in the future, during recessions, the spread of the infection, you still need to comply with all the requirements of the epidemiological and special attention.

And the Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova reported that in some regions the situation has not yet leveled off, but every effort is made to stabilize it.

At the same meeting, Putin set the participants aware of the fact that Moscow and many other Russian regions began a gradual decline in new cases of infection with coronavirus.

To may 22, in Russia for the past week was recorded at least ten thousand new cases of infection with coronavirus. According to the latest data, the country identified 317 554 cases in 85 regions. For the entire period recorded 3099 deaths, recovered 92 681 people.

 The meeting with Vladimir Putin

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