In Moscow, the Bank robber took hostages

The invader stormed.

Saturday, may 23, in one of the offices of “Alfa-Bank” in Moscow took hostage five people, reports the with reference to Browser.

One of the employees managed to call the police and report the incident, according to local Telegram-channels.

According to 20-year-old girl, the invader threatened to blow up the Bank. Connection with it at the moment. At the emergency went emergency services.

According to eyewitnesses, the invader – a man with a backpack, a stick of wire. The bomber dressed in the uniform of a courier “Delivery club”.

As of 14:30 the police began to negotiate with the invader hostages. It became known that in the room are four officers of the Bank and the customer.

“A man came in a suit “Delivery club”, said he mined. Behind him, backpack in his hand was a button. He claims that he had a bomb. The young man is Russian, up to 35 years”, – said the eyewitness PE.

After 10 minutes in the Bank remained a hostage, the others managed to get. Requirements the invader is not pushed and behaved calmly. The attacker was 27-year-old visitor Bank named Fedor.

The man threw the Bank branch note: “I want nothing from you – only the truth.”

According to another report, the man demanded from employees of a major amount of money. To the branch profits special forces and snipers.

The network showed a photo of a young girl that was able to bring five of the hostages from the Bank through the back door and call the police. She was a Bank branch Manager Alina.

В Москве грабитель банка захватил заложников

The man who remained hostages, was broadcasting live from “alpha Bank”. As seen in the video, the atmosphere in the room relaxed. The attacker goes from corner to corner and drinking alcohol.

As at 15:00 from the room brought the last hostage. The attacker was alone at the Bank and barricaded the door with chairs.

It soon became known that the invaders stormed. The special forces stormed into the office, where a criminal was holding a hostage. From the first reports of the accident prior to his graduation a little over one hour.

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