Virtual tour of the Museum of Ukrainian embroidery. Video

Tours are available online.

Today, in honor of the Day shirts WOG company has published an interesting and informative tour into the world of Ukrainian embroidery, transfers of with reference to Browser.

As reported in the company tour is a joint socio-cultural project Day embroidered with WOG filling stations and NCRC “Museum of Ivan Gonchar”. To implement the project were also involved public figure, founder of the Agency of copyright excursions “Interesting Kiev” Arseniy Finberg.

During a mini-tour historian and researcher of Ukrainian traditional culture Igor Tureski tells many interesting facts from the history of embroidered shirts and traditions of different regions. By the way, with video you can find out what is more valuable – a cow, a necklace or … iPhone. And how these things are connected with Ukrainian embroidery.

“We are embroidered shirts is not just a beautiful clothes. Every embroidery has a history and culture of our people. It’s something special – native, Holy and spiritual, full of meaning and symbols. Every year we celebrate and welcome the Ukrainian original, popularizing Ukrainian national values. This time we offer you to plunge deeper into the origin, the tradition of embroidery and to watch a video tour of the Museum of the Potter, ” — says Elena Osipchuk, communications Director WOG.

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