Ukrainians EN masse to test for antibodies to Covid-19: all the details

Ukrainians will begin to test for antibodies to the coronavirus.

The order about it was signed by the Ministry of health. These tests show if the person already had Covid-19, he may have immunity, reports the with reference to Country.

The MOH says. first and foremost, will be to test patients with symptoms of coronavirus, pneumonia, and before operation.

Every two weeks the tests will be carried out to physicians who assist patients with coronavirus. Once a month tests for Covid-19 will take the other doctors, pharmacists, police officers, national guardsmen and border guards.

It is not the “mass testing” as promised medical authorities of the country. Anyone to pass it still will not.

Versed, to whom, how and why will do ELISA tests.

Who and when will test

The Ministry of health signed an order about changes in the standards of medical care in Covid-19, which refers to the start of IFA testing. Now the Ukrainians will conduct two kinds of tests: PCR and ELISA.

First of all, to test two types of tests will be people who have symptoms and clinical manifestations of coronavirus disease. According to the new standard, they will first do a test PCR. If he is negative, then the IFA test for IgM. Also, this test will be done, if PCR is impossible to hold during the day. The same testing algorithm for patients with pneumonia.

Contact people even if they have no symptoms, will be tested at day 14 after exposure.

ELISA tests will be taken in all patients before planned operations. If they are positive — do a lookup test PCR.

Every two weeks using the ELISA test (for IgM and IgG) will test individuals from high-risk groups:

  • physicians, assisting patients with Covid-19;
  • laboratory workers who handle samples from the respiratory tract of patients Covid-19;
  • pathologists, forensic experts, which take part in the opening;

Once in 30 days (IgM and IgG) will be tested:

  • Netpolicy, National guard, border guards, other physicians and pharmacists.

To test all of the categories on the Covid-19 will be free. The test will take blood from a vein or swab from the mouth, nose, or throat, or biological material from the upper respiratory tract.

The health Ministry said that preference will be given to the domestic tests. Such tests can do 450 state laboratories in the country, not counting the private ones.

However, there are questions. Testing for antibodies is important, if used massively, as it already launched in many countries. Then it shows whether there is a collective immunity.

In the Ukrainian version of the test will affect a very small number of people — even of critical groups of risk.

Why you need testing

In Ukraine about the ELISA tests, which will help to identify those who are already ill, started talking a month ago. Chief sanitary doctor Viktor Lyashko said that they will help you understand whether the developed herd immunity to the Ukrainians.

Minister of healthcare Maxim Stepanov said: “We can assume that the person who has antibodies has an immunity and is not vulnerable to Covid-19”.

The doctors realize that it is still not known exactly how long the resulting immunity protects ill and if he produces at all.

Due to the ELISA tests will significantly increase the number of test takers. They are cheaper than PCR, one can do faster, more laboratories and the requirements for specialists and the equipment used below.

Also, an additional tool to track the spread of infection and prevent outbreaks.

The data obtained by ELISA tests, will help to clarify the statistics on ill give a more accurate picture of the extent Covid-19.

Also, serum has been ill of people who have found antibodies to the new coronavirus could potentially be used in the treatment of patients.

What is ELISA testing

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) detects antibodies to a specific virus in the body (blood or saliva). If the antibodies are there, then the immune system already “met” with the pathogen and secretes special proteins that recognize virus — antibodies (also called immunoglobulins). The task of antibodies is to recognize the pathogen and to connect with them, so that the immune system found a virus and destroyed it.

Antibodies come in several types. If we talk about the new coronavirus, on average, in 7-10 days of infection IgM are formed. These immunoglobulins reveal rapid tests, if the disease is in the acute stage. Do those who have symptoms of Covid-19.

Later formed the IgG immunoglobulins which remain in the body after recovery. The antibody tests that offer to do the Ministry of health, will identify the two types of antibodies. That is, they will be able to discover and those who already had the coronavirus, some time ago, even if it is passed without symptoms.

The difference between the new ELISA tests from rapid tests that could detect only IgM, that is, the disease in the acute stage, and those who had not.

The PCR test detects the presence of a RNA or DNA virus in the body. It is the most reliable. If the first two tests show the presence of antibodies and the immunity level, that is, have been ill or not, the presence of the virus itself shows only PCR testing.

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