The return of big-time sports: dates restart tournaments and Championships

When resume the major Championships of Ukraine.

Pandemic coronavirus stopped usual life worldwide, and the sport for a few months was on hiatus. But in the last time there was good news – the Bundesliga resumed on the first TOP European Championships, after a two-month hiatus the past tournaments in mixed martial arts from the UFC. We assembled and updated information on when the tournaments are planning a return, reports the with reference for Today.

Возвращение большого спорта: даты рестарта турниров и чемпионатов

In Ukraine, football should return may 30, but the calendar of the remaining rounds yet. Recently appeared information that the restart of the championship was postponed a week – on 6 June, but confirmation yet. Basketball, handball and volleyball League decided to end the season early, and play-off the hockey championship will finish in September – before the start of the new season.

In the Championships of the “Big five” clarity while in only two countries. The French decided to terminate the season, became the champion PSG. And in Germany – the restart of the League from 16 may, when it was played on 26-th round, and we already know the schedule. As for England, Spain and Italy, then there is no official dates of the matches, only preliminary.

The situation in the next ten Championships this: Belgium, the Netherlands and Scotland have decided not to finish the season. Other planned restarts on different dates in may and June.

In other sports the situation is less clear. It is known that tennis matches exactly will not resume until July 20, and it is possible that the quarantine in this sport will be extended. Formula 1 could start with the Grand Prix of Australia on 3 July. Boxing and mixed martial arts are already “in service” as overseas NBA and NHL has not yet decided on dates.

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