The guy was embarrassed, having made the girl an exclusive gift

The error gave her a smile.

The British resident of the city of Denton in the County of greater Manchester, Daniel varey made a gift to his girlfriend, which, apparently, neither he nor she will never forget. Sweetheart he presented a glass, seeing that the girl became hysterical, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

28-year-old Varya decided to give his girlfriend Haylie glass of gin and make it engraved.

“Happy birthday Princess, love you madly,” this was to be the inscription.

However, when a young Briton made an order on the Internet, I mistook the line for a congratulatory text window for messages to the courier.

As a result, the glass was engraved the following text: “Bring, please, a gift before Monday, if possible, as it is this day we will celebrate her 30th birthday”.

When Haile opened the gift and read the inscription on the glass, then started laughing. It happened just hysterical, said unsuspecting boyfriend, who before the presentation of the gift didn’t check the label.

“She wouldn’t stop laughing… the Gift came in the package, so I don’t see the inside until she unpacked it. I couldn’t understand why she reacted like that. After all I have invested in the gift of the whole soul and heart! But when she showed it to me, I was terrified,” admitted Varya.

Fortunately, she reacted to a misunderstanding with humor and said no she has never given such a “perfect and insanely funny” gift.

Парень оконфузился, сделав девушке эксклюзивный подарок

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