The girl played the funny friend with a free pizza

That’s a surprise!

The wearer of the social network Twitter named Natasha shared with subscribers of incredible history. The fact that it within 14 days received 14 free pizzas with pineapple. The girl at first thought it was a gift from a secret admirer and went through all stages from delight to horror. However, the truth was much more prosaic, reports the with reference for Today.

For two weeks users with Natasha staring at very strange events. It all started on may 8 when she first shared with subscribers of an unusual problem. “I don’t know what happened, but it is already the fourth day someone orders exactly at 13:00 large pizza with pineapple. I thus feeds the vampire, then to eat?” she asked users.

Everything fell into place on Tuesday, may 19. As it turned out, Natasha played the friend. “Two weeks ago, I wrote in chat that they plan to lose the isolation! If the devil has a name, this name is Alena!” – said the girl.

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