Session in terms of quarantine: mon clarification

Important information for students.

The format of the exam session in Ukrainian universities during the quarantine will depend on the epidemiological situation in certain areas, reports the with reference to Browser.

About this on air of the program “snidanok z 1+1” said acting education Minister Lubomir Manji.

“In Ukraine from 22 may to 22 June, will be adaptive quarantine, undergoing attenuation. Each region can make decisions about the mitigation of certain quarantine measures,” she said.

Manji stressed that if the region to be poor indicators of morbidity, then it is necessary to conduct the session remotely.

“If performance in the field will allow, the regional Commission can make a decision, and that the administration is preparing to open as the next stage from the 1st of June. When in groups of no more than 10 people, we can organize an examination session in higher education institutions or undertake a dissertation. It depends on the situation in the region: does the weakening of quarantine measures”, – explained the acting Minister.

Summing up, she recalled that all the educational institutions should ensure that distance between people, the presence of antiseptics and regular disinfection.

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