Near Kiev the artists originally painted the garage on a vacant lot. Photo

Murals created by the artists of the Studio

In Kotsyubinskoye arranged the unusual art square, which appeared on the waste land behind the garages. Wall metal constructions turned into a bright murals, the path turned into a track, laying tiles, also there appeared a light, reports the with reference for Today.

These mini-murals created by the famous works of Mikhail Kotsyubynsky “Charity”, “Intermezzo”, “Ivanko and Chugaister”, “shadows of forgotten ancestors”. I hope that now they will become not only a favorite place of ciubancan and guests of the village for photo shoots, but will inspire many to read these books“, – says Sergey of Danish.

On the creation of muralov was working artists Studio Maxim Zaitsev and Alena Carden and resident kotsyubinskogo Sabir Mammadov.

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