In Ukraine officially kicked off IFA-antibody testing COVID-19

Who will check up mandatory.

In Ukraine, officially introduced laboratory testing for coronavirus by enzyme immunoassay (ELISA), reports the with reference to Browser.

Order signed by health Minister Maxim Stepanov published on the website of the Ministry of health.

It States that laboratory testing COVID-19 in the country is carried out using the methods of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and ELISA.

Immediate test subject patients with clinical signs of coronavirus disease, and patients with pneumonia.

Persons who had contact with patients who have confirmed infection, should be tested at day 14 after exposure.

Persons who require hospitalization or routine surgery, doing tests for coronavirus immediately before hospitalization or surgery.

Health workers who provide direct care to patients or carry out patient care COVID-19 in hospital, laboratory workers who handle samples from the respiratory tract obtained from patients COVID-19, and employees of pathology, forensic Bureau offices participating in the opening of the bodies, including the sampling of sectional material to be tested every 14 days until the first positive results from a specific person.

Employees of the National police, the National guard, state border service and other medical and pharmaceutical workers tests COVID-19 have to do once in 30 days to produce the first positive results from a specific person.

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