The weakening of quarantine: who have already started earning

Business faced with big problems.

Market participants clarify: in most cases we are not talking about earnings and about the first attempts to at least partially compensate for the loss, reports the with reference to

Taxi: there is no night passengers and trips to the airport

Thanks to the government’s decision not to renew the work of public transport the main “beneficiaries” of the current situation were the taxi drivers, the analyst stated TeleTrade Sergei Rodler. May 12, the first working day after relief, in Kiev there was a huge tube, and to call a taxi was almost an impossible task, despite the rise in prices in two or even three times.

Meanwhile the taxi drivers themselves disagree with the fact that you get profits, despite the inflated rates. According to them, now that business is struggling to earn any penny, and in these circumstances it is very difficult.

— See for yourself: fully canceled trips to the stations and airports, there are virtually no overnight trips, when restaurants and night clubs do not work, and all of this for many was the basic wage, — bends fingers taxi driver Svyatoslav. – Under the late call of the Mall, theatres and cinemas either, nothing works. People do not travel, no guests, no work, no shopping, no activities – and all this is another great disadvantages. In the end, if used for 12-hour shift, we considered the norm 20 trips, today who rarely turns to deliver 7-8 clients. And this work at a loss.

Café: while no customers

The Ukrainians missed the coffee, and in the newly open institutions and then drop clients with the same question: Oh, you already opened? But the institutions themselves claim that profits them so far away: customers became in times less. In circumstances when public transport does not work, people become less mobile and much less likely to walk around the centre and pedestrian zones, where many institutions. And if we add the fallen solvency and fear of people who are infected, we can conclude: to the previous earnings of the cafes and restaurants will be back very soon.

Previously, such development of the situation after the easing of quarantine has predicted on his page in the social network the Director of “Restaurant consulting” Olga Nasonova. According to its forecasts, the whole of the restaurant mass-market after may 11 will be loaded up to 30%, and that if there is a summer Playground. At the same time so riders will have to pay the rent – because they have already earned. So that cafes and restaurants will display only the part of the staff.

Services: early and worked quietly

Ideally, it would be possible to imagine how Ukrainians, two months of not seeing hairdressers and manicurists, 11 may rush to salons direct beauty. But in practice, the hype did not happen: a hairdressing and beauty salons and during the quarantine continued, creating the appearance of closed doors.

— Reflections on how the service sector will gradually recover after the lifting of restrictions meaningless, since all so well understand that many institutions continued to work until official permission, — says Sergey Roller. — Of course, some small firms will close, but it will be those players who have experienced financial problems for a long time. While those points whose activities were in great demand among the population, will continue its work without serious consequences. Ukrainian businessmen have long learned to circumvent various prohibitions, what we are witnessing now. In fact, the exit of small businesses from quarantine started in Ukraine in April — because people had something to live for. Although the resolution on the free movement of citizens in the city to profit them will be much easier.

Clinic: raise your prices

Sly to raise the prices for services started dental and private clinics. Somewhere prices have increased by 10-15%, and even more. Dentists explain that they have to somehow compensate for two months of downtime.

And in a private clinic, where we were served not one year, not only raised the price tags on the survey, and years of “earned” discount is not valid. As explained by the Manager of the clinic, such a decision will operate until at least the end of the quarantine.

In this case, apparently, the clients of the clinic are not spoiled, if used for the examination had written for 7-10 days, now you can come even today.

Pseudoconstant: they have had time to think

Friend the economist said the real story on how the quarantine is helping people “evolve”.

In late March I was approached for advice FB-friend, she was interested in banking products, — says the economist. At that time she could not distinguish loan from the Deposit, and if I exaggerate it quite a bit. I had the time and mood, I answered some of her questions, gave some advice and forgot about this story. And recently I got the ribbon, the invitation to the webinar from some “financial Advisor”. Imagine my surprise when the “consultant” I found out the same friend, who understands banking products and financial instruments as a pig in oranges! But of course, it is impossible not to envy the arrogance and assertiveness of this lady.

Economists remind that the current overall uncertainty and loss of income is the first to benefit fraudsters that are able to extract from such situations the maximum benefit.

Scammers come up with various schemes to “profit” in the financial sector and easily promote their offers through social networks, – says the analyst of “Center for exchange of technology” Maxim Orasac. – It uses a classic and clear all the promises: “You saw how I fell/increased global indexes? And after all this, you could very well earn!”, “Give me your money – I’ll show you where to invest and how to earn some money”. Those who fall for the bait, waiting for a well-known result: after receiving the money, the scammer quickly retreats, and the client remains without the latter’s livelihood.

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