Spain is once again extended the state of emergency because of COVID-19

The country recorded 279 524 cases of coronavirus

Wednesday, 20 may, the Spanish Parliament for the fifth time continued state of emergency due to coronavirus disease COVID-19. The state of emergency in the country will last at least until June 7, reports the with reference to Browser.

“The way we go, is the only one that can defeat the virus. Thank you to all the members of Parliament who supported the state of emergency, because his voice they saved thousands of lives”, – said the Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sanchez.

According to him, the need to keep tight control over the health situation at the time, as the country begins to ease restrictions and restore economic activity.

State of emergency gives the government the authority to limit constitutional rights such as freedom of movement and Assembly of citizens.

In the greater part of Spain again opened small shops, but travel between the provinces remain strictly limited.

As of may 21, the country recorded 279 524 cases of coronavirus, 27 of them 888 cases with a fatal outcome.

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