In the USA famous wrestler drowned saving son

The athlete couldn’t get out.

The body of the famous American wrestler and actor Shade of Gaspard rescuers found the lifeless Los Angeles. Famous fighter nicknamed “the Beast”, was 39. He died trying to save drowning son, reports the with reference for Today.

Shed Gaspard (198 cm, 130 kg) is missing during a heavy pneumatic flow on Sunday. At such current can drown even great swimmers because it is made by the rapids, through which water with great speed rushes back into the sea.

The wrestler was resting on the beach of Marina del Rey along with 10-year-old son Aryeh, when they are dragged into the depths. Thanks to the fantastic physical training to Gaspard managed to stay on the surface and to keep the son. He resisted the flood until help arrived.

“Take my son, take my son!”, – he shouted, – said the lifeguard, which was the first time to the scene of the tragedy. – I instantly assessed the situation, took the child and managed to pull him to shore. There passed into the hands of doctors, and returned to the place where was Gaspard. It’s only been three minutes! I saw he was still holding on the surface and then went under water”

The rescuer admitted that he also has a son the same age as Arya, and he is on the site of a former wrestler would have done the same. “The shed acted like a real man. He did the only right in this situation, the choice”, – said the employee of rescue services.

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