In the Kyiv region abolished the weakening of the quarantine on may 22

In KOGA monitor current epidemiological situation on a daily basis.

In the Kiev region, as in Rivne, Lviv, may 22 will not soften quarantine. The fact that the region number of cases per hundred thousand population is 13.9. The Cabinet has determined this figure to less than 12 for the onset of the next phase of abolition of restrictive measures, reports the with reference to Country.

“As one of the necessary factors (namely, incidence) exceeds this figure, the regional Commission for emergency situations has the right to take a decision to weaken anti-epidemic measures,” — said in the message.

In KOGA added that the monitored current epidemiological situation on a daily basis. So as soon as she’s seizing, the decision to ease quarantine in Kyiv region will be accepted.

It is noted that in accordance with the may 20 decision of the government, the weakening or cessation of anti-epidemic measures in the territory of regions occurs on the basis of the decision of the regional Commission on questions tekhnogenno-ecological safety and emergency situations (emergency situations).

The Cabinet has set three conditions for such a decision:

  • the total number of new cases Covid-19 in the last 7 days on 100 thousand population shall be less than 12 people. Now in the Kiev region — 13,9;
  • utilization of beds in health institutions identified for hospitalization of patients with the coronavirus, should be less than 50%. Now in the region of 8.9%;
  • the average number of PCR tests must be more than 12 per 100 thousand population in the last 7 days. Now in the Kiev region of 19.2.

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