Adaptive quarantine in Ukraine: all the details

In what areas would weaken the quarantine.

Today, 22 may, Ukraine goes to the adaptive model of the quarantine. To leave the quarantine will be only those regions where the incidence is not increasing or is increasing slightly, reports the with reference to Country.

This was written by Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal in his Telegram channel, today, may 22.

“The decision on mitigation or strengthening of quarantine areas will take the regional commissions of TEB and an emergency subject to three targets,” — said in the message.

The head of the Ministry of health Maxim Stepanov today published a list of the areas where the quarantine can not be removed. However, it is unclear whether all of these regions and cities refuse from the weakening of the quarantine.

For example, the same Kiev is ready tomorrow to launch ground transportation, and 25 may — the metro. Only in the “black list” Stepanova ten regions and cities, including the capital.

Адаптивный карантин в Украине: все подробности

Адаптивный карантин в Украине: все подробности

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