Zelensky said about the biggest challenges of the first year of the presidency

The President keeps hope for the achievement of goals.

The war in the Donbass and pandemic coronavirus were the biggest challenges for President Vladimir Zelensky in the first year of his reign. This is stated in his article for the New York Times, published on Wednesday, 20 may, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to t.ks.ua.

According to him, the war and further undermine security and stability in Europe and Ukraine, and requires further support of allies to complete it.

“We resumed the dialogue with Russia and it has helped to bring three ships and 24 of the Ukrainian military, captured a year ago. There was a certain dilution of forces in the Donbas. Through the exchange 131 Ukrainian to return home,” said Zelensky.

According to the President, the only options to end the armed conflict in the Donbass is diplomacy and dialogue, and priority should be given to recovery meetings in the channel format for the search for peace.

He called the next big challenge, the pandemic coronavirus. “Among those crises, I gave and continues to give hope to international cooperation. We expect the promised aid from the IMF and others to stabilize the economy after the pandemic,” the President said.

He reminded about the use of Ukrainian aircraft An-225 Mriya for the delivery of medical supplies in a number of countries, the sending of Ukrainian doctors in Italy, as well as getting the assistance to Ukraine from the US, EU, Turkey and the UAE.

Zelensky also noted that by the end of the first year of presidency sees hope that together will make the world and Ukraine a better place. “It is a long road”, he concluded.

Zelensky announced the condition of dissolution of Parliament

Vladimir Zelensky said that it all depends on the party the servant of the people and how they vote of its members.

President Vladimir Zelensky will dissolve the Verkhovna Rada if people’s deputies from the faction of the Servant of the people will cease to support important legislation and begin to lobby the interests of financial groups. He stated this at a press conference on Wednesday, may 20.

“With regard to dissolution. While the party is the servant of the people will vote for the all-important bills for the country, I will support the party of SN, not just the party but the party makeup, monopolista because they are doing their job. Once they will not vote, do not want, if they lobby for the interests of particular commercial groups of influence on Ukraine’s policy, I at the same time — not even thinking about anything — I will dissolve Parliament,” said Zelensky.

According to the President, while deputies perform their obligations — they supported the “banking law is very important, and land reform, and the impeachment of the President, and integrity”.

In turn, the elections of Kyiv mayor Zelensky said that they would support the candidate of the Servants of the people.

“I am in Kiev I will support, honestly I will support the candidate in mayors of Kiev from the party of “servant of the people”. Will there be primaries? Will. Whether to enter the primaries candidates in mayors of Kiev, not only from the “public Servants”? Definitely. There will be candidates, “CH”, I mean those who are members, and will be independent people who are willing to fight for open primaries at a meeting of our faction of the party. But who will be better, I will support”, — concluded the President.

Zelensky wants to be remembered for the road

President Vladimir Zelensky want to be President that will be remembered for the building of the road.

“The collapse of the big programs will. To begin with, I am very proud is a program of Large construction project. It continues… We have increased the number of roads in the nine times that we will build this year. Despite the problems, despite the coronavirus… Build the road. How many of them? 4200… As there will be. As we have enough money… Our task is to build all the roads that will be a “showcase” of our European countries. And this is 25 thousand roads a priority,” he said.

“I am confident that before the end of his term we will complete all state roads… I would like to be President, who remembered that when it was built all the roads”, he added.

The President also promised to find $ 3 billion for the program for the reconstruction of bridges across the country. Only in Ivano-Frankivsk region, about 1.9 thousand bridges of different sizes, he said.

Zelenski also said that plans to complete the construction of a bridge in Zaporozhye for 2.5 years..

The President appreciated the professionalism of Smugala

The President while has no claims to the Prime Minister. Zelensky said that they were “master of sport” to combat coronavirus.

President Vladimir Zelensky said the Prime Minister Denis Smugala “professional and clean”. He said this during a press conference on Wednesday, may 20.

“It seems to me that Smigel and professional, and clean. I didn’t know him before his political career,” said premiere President.

“So far I have personally, and it’s only been two months, remarks to Shmyhalou no. We struggle with COVID-19, and I see that at least in this direction, we are masters of the sport,” he added.

While Zelensky has underlined that personnel shifts in the government are possible and further.

“Stability in the world, there is a crisis. And what if you caught someone of the Ministers, who with someone about something agreed or gave some kind of chair? No way. Catch fire, nothing can be done. Until the complete cleansing of these people,” he said.

Zelensky also finds it impossible to find an independent person in the industry.

“Tell me, please, where we have independent energy, they are? Give me!.. What we’d the person is not taken, the next day media reports that either man Akhmetov or Kolomoisky or Mr. Pinchuk,” he said.

According to him, because of this, in particular, it is difficult to find a suitable candidate for the position of Minister of energy

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