Year of his presidency Zelensky shown in figures

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A year ago, on may 20, the inauguration of Vladimir Zelensky. To the anniversary of his tenure as President of “Word and deed” collected top made and failed promises. Today we offer you to look at the main facts and figures of this period: how many draft laws were registered, as the law was signed in what area most often go, with whom to communicate in the international arena, reports the with reference in Word and Deed.

According to analysts, “Word and deed” for the year Vladimir Zelensky gave 329 promises. This figure does not include the promises of his campaign program because they were given before the inauguration.

Год президентства Зеленского показали в цифрах

In the Verkhovna Rada the President has registered 76 of the draft laws and 17 regulations. In addition, Zelensky signed 193 790 law and decrees, as well as issued 853 orders.

For the year Zelensky has traveled all regions of Ukraine, only 45 were business trips. Most often it was in the Kiev region – 7 visits and in the Donbas (6 trips in the Donetsk region and 5 in Luhansk).

Zelensky was active in the international arena. For the year he had over 300 contacts with representatives of other countries and international organizations. Zelensky took 19 official visits (in particular, in Vatican, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, France, Poland, Turkey), held 163 meetings and 72 telephone conversation.

Год президентства Зеленского показали в цифрах

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