The star of the “League of laughter” complained pneumonia

The comedian had been ill even before the hype around Covid-19.

Comic “League of Laughter” Igor Lastochkin, who recently found a useful use for the Cup for the victory in “Tancah s with a stars” afraid that he could contract the coronavirus, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.

As told by comedian Potap and Positive in the new edition YouTube-project 2POPODCAST, recently it was treated from a sudden pneumonia. That’s true, then even in Ukraine there was such a fuss around Covid-19.

“On 19 February we shot a small scene for “League of Laughter” on the street, I get hypothermic and it so happened that he began to cough, — said the Swallow. — Was constantly coughing and couldn’t understand what was happening. It was not yet coronavirus boom”.

Some pronounced symptoms, the comedian was not observed, but a few days later the doctors diagnosed him with pneumonia in her left lung and had to be treated with antibiotics. Now Swallow already feels well, but still doesn’t know what caused the disease.

“I thought, “Well where is he [coronavirus] could I take?” I had no contact with people who come from abroad. I wasn’t in China <…> can’t deny, but I hope that it wasn’t a coronavirus”, he added.

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