The nutritionist talked about what is the glycemic index and how it affects weight loss

Why is it important to monitor the glycemic index of foods.

Carbohydrates are a required component of a balanced diet, they are the main source of energy for all body cells, reports the with reference to Browser.

About this dietitian Olga Andrianova.

According to nutritionist, different types of carbohydrates can have a different impact on human health, his weight, appetite, performance of blood glucose and cholesterol.

“To assess the impact of various foods on glucose levels in the blood apply the so-called glycemic index. It shows how quickly our body will turn into glucose eaten, how rapidly will increase its level in the blood. As reference is used pure glucose, its glycemic index is 100,” said the nutritionist.

The glycemic index of the product, according to nutritionist depend on the type of carbohydrates, included in its composition, the chemical structure of their molecules (the size of the particles, their form), method of cooking, the presence in the composition of fiber, protein, and fat.

“Better than the crushed product, the higher its glycemic index: applesauce faster will increase the level of glucose than the whole Apple,” said the nutritionist.

The speed of increase of glucose in the blood all the products are divided into:

Foods with a high glycemic index 70 and above: dumplings, potatoes, boiled carrots, pumpkin, white rice, corn flakes, muesli, white bread, muffins, waffles, jam, jams, honey, dried fruit, watermelon.

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