Producer Svetlana Loboda told how much it cost her corporate events

How much the singer refuses to speak.

Producer and close friend of the famous singer Svetlana Loboda Natella Krapivina declassified fees stars. The actress has long supported in Russia, and even recently received three prestigious awards. Fees LOBODA at weddings and corporate events are estimated in millions roubles. Of such amounts, the speech came during an interview with Natella Krapivina with host Sergei Minaev live Instagram, reports the with reference for Today.

The lowest amount for which the singer agreeing to serve three million rubles. Fees vary depending on the time of year – September is less busy month, so discounts are possible.

“The price varies from the distance from Moscow. In Moscow in Barvikha from three to ten million. Well, there are actually wedding is one price tag. Wedding artists are not very fond of. There is a large corporate company when walking staff is a different price tag. Time of year determines, for example, when you realize that September is not the bread of the month, you already go down in price,” — said the producer.

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