Prince Charles asked the countrymen to take part in the harvest. Video

Prince Charles has urged Britons to get out in the field.

Pandemic coronavirus dealt a crushing blow to the economy of all countries of the world, and Britain is no exception. Strict quarantine restrictions and a ban on the entry of seasonal migrant workers has led to the fact that the country may lose the harvest 2020, reports the with reference to Country.

Authorities have started an information campaign “Build for Britain,” so people who have lost work due to quarantine out in the field and in the garden to help harvest fruit and vegetables.

This campaign was attended by even members of the Royal house. Prince Charles recorded a video message in which he urged his compatriots not to sit around at home.

“In this time of great uncertainty, many of our usual plans and regular life habits were under threat. If we want this year to harvest British fruit and vegetables we need an army of people” — appealed to the British Prince Charles.

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