Photographer funny put in place mother-in-law, who came to the wedding in a white dress

The photographer saved the situation.

Wedding photographer, lesson learned mother-in-law, who came to the wedding of his son in a white dress. The woman did it out of spite, because shortly before the ceremony had a fight with the bride. Photo and critical comments of users on the Network appeared in a closed Facebook community, and That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming (“I mock weddings”), reports the with reference for Today.

The published photos show a woman in a white dress with bare shoulders. The outfit was white and distracted attention from the main heroine of the event – the bride. “Finally I have something to share! Mother-in-law defied the bride wore a white dress,” – said in the description the author of the post.

The photographer decided to help the bride and “punish” her mother-in-law. When the processing of the pictures changed the color of the dress mother of the groom. Now all the photos woman posing in a dress of bright red color.

“The gown fits on her awful”, “Where are those mother-in-law?”, “How can I hate such mother in laws”, “Is not just a white dress, this dress wedding style” – criticized act of mother of the groom members of the community in the comments.

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