How not to gain weight during the quarantine

It is important to maintain an active lifestyle.

During the quarantine and isolation many of a sedentary lifestyle wonder how to get out of quarantine, do not gain extra weight and maintaining health. And rightly so, because lifestyle has changed dramatically: the activity became less and stress more. What to do, how to eat and what to avoid, asked Lubomyr of Drenica. He is an active member of the Ukrainian Association of preventive and anti-aging procedures-medicine, anti-age therapist Medical Club GRACE, has 34 years of surgical practice, reports the with reference for Today.

What happens to the body during the usual limitations dekorativnogo lifestyle

During a pandemic, and quarantine, excess food and lack of physical activity weaken our immune system more than their deficit. Therefore, it is important now to understand one thing: when we sit at home, not move and eat a lot (lead a sedentary or recumbent lifestyle), we contribute to the decreased immunity and weakening of body. In this state, if either of us encounter a virus, it will be very bad, and our challenge now is to make everything that our body was sturdy and strong, resistant to causative agents of various diseases.

When all are moving to remote work, it is important not to forget about physical activity and even increase its intensity. Indeed, during exercise released dopamine, which affects mood enhancement and by improving circulation can also strengthen your immune system.

Physical activity helps to combat stress and has a positive effect on emotional state. Little physical activity on the background of negative information can respond to violations of metabolic processes that’s why experts are warning about a possible increase in cases of depression.

You should pay attention to not provoke serious consequences

In these circumstances, doctors give very clear recommendations: to maintain physical activity and not exceed your calorie allowance. It can also be helpful supplementation of multivitamin complexes, which will restore spring our nutrient deficit.

According to who, a large part of the population suffers from a deficiency of certain vitamins. Spring marked the frequent deficiency of vitamins a, D, E, C, b group and mineral substances: iodine, selenium, zinc, iron. Required the administration of multivitamins to the active forms, chelate forms of micro – and macroelements ensure high bioavailability and absorption from the gastrointestinal tract. Because 60-80% of the immune system localized in the intestine, should be given considerable attention to the state of the microbiome. Safe and useful will be the additional intake of probiotics and prebiotics, multivitamin complexes, vitamin D3, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants.


How to build a feeding schedule and daily diet, not to gain extra pounds

It is recommended to eat more vegetables, fruits and cereals with a low glycemic index, because this is food that will help to support the immune system and give you strength for physical activity.

In order for the quarantine period not to gain extra pounds:

  • limit eating after 18:00;
  • add to your diet more fruits and vegetables high in fiber;
  • drink plenty of water (sugar sweetened carbonated drinks should be reduced substantially);
  • exercise regularly.

Proper nutrition, physical activity, nutrient support for the body and observance of epidemiological recommendations will help you get the most safely out of quarantine.

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