Under the Cabinet’s parents demanded to open kindergartens

The Cabinet may consider the matter tomorrow.

The building of the Cabinet on Tuesday, 19 may, several dozen people held a protest action with the requirement to allow the work of the kindergartens, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Correspondent.

The action was attended by about fifty parents, some of them with children. It is noted that near the Cabinet gathered as people and parents from the suburbs of the capital.

The protesters are demanding open kindergartens since may 22. The Cabinet is also considering to allow their work from may 25.

Parents believe that it is necessary to open kindergartens, because they need to go to work, and children have no one to leave.

The Cabinet intends to adopt a new stage in the easing of restrictions at a meeting on 20 may. In particular, from may 22 will be resumed work of urban and suburban transport, allowed the holding of sports events subject to disease control restrictions. Also restrictions will be allowed to work the hotels and conduct Church services.

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