Tragedy in the river: a baby died choking on a plastic bag

The child was unable to save.

May 18 on the line “103” called the worried father. He said that his 6-month-old child choked on a plastic bag, reports the with reference to the Informant.

The baby could not be saved. This was stated by the Director of Dnipropetrovsk regional center of emergency medical aid and catastrophe medicine radium Shevchenko.

The child found the package and pulled it into his mouth, polyethylene close off the upper airway. 45 minutes, paramedics performed CPR. Unfortunately resuscitation failed, 6-month-old baby died.

How to save the man, said the instructor in first aid “Medical corps” Alexey Turchak: “If you see a person unconscious, it is necessary to check the presence of breathing on the principle of “see, hear, feel”, after throwing back his head and freeing the airway. When the number of breaths — up to 2 in 10 seconds, should begin CPR. When the number of breaths — from 2 to 5, it is necessary to translate the human side in a stable position. Focus on the breaths, not the pulse, since the pulsation is not always possible to test, in a stressful situation is to take their own pulse in the tips of the fingers over the ripple of the victim. You need to call an ambulance as soon as you understand that the man needs help. CPR cannot be conducted if there is a heart rate, since heart massage will knock him down and lead to heart failure”.

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