In Ivano-Frankivsk detained world-renowned hacker

Seized computer equipment with two terabytes of stolen information.

The security service of Ukraine detained in Ivano-Frankivsk the world-famous hacker Sanix, who early last year sold in a network of 773 million unique e-mail addresses and almost 22 million passwords. The man then wrote to The Guardian, Forbes and Newsweek, was a Ukrainian, reports the with reference to Country.

At the beginning of last year, the hacker drew the attention of world experts on cyber security, as it was put up for sale the biggest ever array of stolen data. The person under the name Sanix mentioned in their submissions, The Guardian, Forbes, Newsweek, the TV channel Italia 1.

When reporters learned that exhibited by the hacker for sale base in the amount of 87 gigabytes is only a small part of the total amount of data that he possessed. Such databases hacked and stolen passwords, the hacker was at least seven, the total volume of which reached nearly a terabyte. They included personal, including financial, data residents of the EU and the USA.

В Ивано-Франковске задержали всемирно известного хакера

“The security service of Ukraine received information that a hacker under the alias “Sanix” is probably Ukrainian, resident of Ivano-Frankivsk region. Cybersecurity SBU recorded the sale of databases with usernames and passwords to email, pin-codes to Bank cards, e-wallets, crypto-currencies, PayPal accounts, information about computers, broken for further use in bot networks and for the organization of DDoS-attacks”, — reported in SBU.

During the searches at the place of his residence, the police seized computer equipment from two terabytes of stolen information, telephone numbers evidence of illegal activity and the cash received from illegal operations, in the amount of nearly 190 000 UAH and more than $ 3,000.

В Ивано-Франковске задержали всемирно известного хакера

Now the hacker is preparing a message on suspicion of unauthorized intervention in work of computers and the unauthorized distribution or dissemination of restricted information, which is stored in computers, part 2 of article 361, part 1 of article 361-2 of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

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