The hero of the Ukrainian “Bachelor” became infected with the coronavirus

Francis Matthew told about his condition.

The hero of the show “the Bachelor 2” Francis Matthew had contracted the coronavirus, reports the with reference to

According to Francis in Instagram, the first symptoms he felt eight days ago. He described his condition and assured that the infected the virus manifests itself in different ways.

In the beginning of the disease, he felt acute weakness, acute headache and stress in the chest. Later he began to cough, which, according to Matthew brought him relief from the passing feelings of discomfort in the chest.

“The bachelor” said that on the second day of his hearing and taste buds have become weakened:

“Without the pain I couldn’t take a deep breath. So far, I don’t feel no smell, no taste, but I can already feel the return of strength and energy. Also my chest is no longer crushes”

He went to a clinic that tests for presence of blood coronavirus COVID-19 and it was positive.

The eighth day after I was diagnosed with COVID-19. Finally, I had a little bit of energy. Still felt weak, but had the desire to clean the house and shave. Now I am exhausted, but as well that around pure. Enjoy tea on the roof and trying to recharge in the sun,” he writes.

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Day 8 of covid 19 for me and I finally have some energy. Still low, but had a strong desire to deep clean my flat and shave. Now drained, but feels good to have cleaned. Enjoying a tea on the roof trying to recharge in the sun. The one thing I know for sure out of the last few days is how the virus affects everyone differently. I would say I have been middle of the rd with it regarding the severity of my symptoms. It hit me last week on Tuesday morning with a tight chest and very low energy. I went home to bed and breathing hurt. Very restrictive chest. Pounding headaches and very low energy. By day 2 my smell and taste had gone with an unblocked nose. Then came the cough, which for me was a blessing as it helped relieve the tightness in my chest. The cough only lasted a day and a half. Then the tightness came back with a small burning inside my lungs . I couldn’t take deep breaths without pain. I still have no taste or smell, but my energy is coming back and my chest is no longer tight or hurting. From doing a lot of exercise a week to none and getting wiped out by walking up the stairs, I am hoping to be able to start light exercises by Friday and am going to start posting more now that I have time and put my routines on here for anyone to follow and exercise while at home in isolation. I will explain correct techniques as I go for anyone interested in learning. #covid-19 #coronavirus #personaltraining #isolation #homeworkouts #gettingfitagain #strengthtraining #calisthenic #rebuilding #rebuildingmyself

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