Russia is expected to a powerful tsunami

Hundreds of people were evacuated.

In Russia in the Sakhalin region declared a tsunami alert after a powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.2 points. Because of the danger from the North Kuril area evacuated about 400 people, reports the with reference to Browser.

Warned of this in a Single of the geophysical service RAS.

It is noted that in Severo-Kurilsk this earthquake was felt at 6 points. The city inspect the building for damage. The willingness to respond are all operational service region.

“Residents of the North-Kurilsk (island Paramushir) now derive higher places. In particular, it was organized the evacuation of students pre-school institutions and schools”, – reads the statement of the government of the Sakhalin region.

According to preliminary information, no victims and destructions. However, according to the news Agency “Kamchatka,” in this city there is destruction and, previously, one dead.

“Anyone who lives on the fifth floor, evacuate to the end of the city on the hill. The police and kicked people out on the street. Expected soon a big wave from the ocean, also can rise the water in the river. So far, all going in the building of the emergencies Ministry, near the hospital and on the hills. Panic, of course – we felt the tremors of up to seven points,” – said a resident of the North-Kurilsk Anastasia.

As of 7 a.m. March 25, the first tsunami wave was recorded from the North-Kurilsk. According to the staff of the regional emergencies Ministry and their height was 0.5 meters. At this point, experts continue to monitor sea level, a tsunami alert is not yet removed.

We add that the earthquake lies at a depth of 42 km. the Epicenter was located 228 km East severokurilsk the island of Onekotan. Samozasiti occurred at 13:49 local time (04:49 Kyiv time). The final magnitude of the earthquake is installed on a 7.3. In Severo-Kurilsk residents felt the tremors in the force 5-6 points, in Yuzhno-Kurilsk (South Kuril Islands) is 3 points.

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