In the Ternopil region killed a man with coronavirus

The man was 68 years old.

In infectious branch of the Ternopil emergency hospital the patient died COVID-19., according to the with reference to the Correspondent.

“This is a resident of the village Kovalevka in the Monastery area. The man was 68 years old. We Express our condolences to the family”, — stated in the message Ternopil headquarters of the fight against coronavirus.

Previously, the first case of coronavirus recorded in Ternopil. It is noted that COVID-19 ill dentist. While in the area this is the sixth confirmed case.

We will remind that earlier quick test four times, “did not see” COVID-19 infected from Ternopil. Confirm coronavirus infection in a 68-year-old patient in the Ternopil region was only laboratory.

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