Ukraine will receive from the UN assistance to $58 million

The money will go to assistance in the procurement of medicines and equipment, as well as the support of Ukrainians living in the Donbas.

The world health organization, UNICEF, the UN development Programme and the Ministry of health is prepared to help Ukraine in the fight against coronavirus. This was announced by the representative of Ukraine to the UN, Sergey Kislitsa, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

According to him, there will be two plan with a budget of about $38 million and $20 million.

“In fact, now all States are guided by who recommendations, which says that for deterrence in the fashion industry, you need to: a) exchange of information; b) to increase the volume of testing infected for understanding the overall epidemiological situation; C) to isolate those who had any contact with the patient; d) to unite the efforts of the state and the population, as this problem is not only medical but also socio-economic. If we are talking about the particular support, now in conjunction with who, UNICEF, the United Nations development Programme and of the MOH of Ukraine developed two assistance plan with a budget of about $38 million and $20 million,” said Sorrel.

He noted that the first plan provides for assistance in the procurement of medicines and equipment, strengthening coordination and providing a professional analysis of the situation in the country. The second plan will focus on support of Ukrainians living in the East of Ukraine.

“In the conditions of aggravation of epidemolysis we can’t forget about the populations that are most vulnerable. If someone does not know, at the beginning of the year, the UN adopted the humanitarian response Plan for Ukraine of about $162 million with the Understanding that the needs now are to grow, we plan to raise another $20 million to fight the spread of Covid-19,” said Sorrel.

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