The world market lost $5 trillion due to coronavirus

Stock exchange show the worst dynamics since 2008.

During the worst of 2008 this week, the world markets have already lost $ 5 trillion capitalization, according to the with reference to the Correspondent.

Thus, the index world stock MSCI World, which tracks nearly 50 countries have fallen by almost 10% over the week, the worst performance since October 2008.

Shares on wall street fell by 4.4% on Thursday. The index has lost 12% since hitting a record high just nine days ago.

Protective the yield on 10-year U.S. Treasury reached a record low of 1,241%. The last low was 1,247%.

Hopes that the epidemic that began in China late last year, will end in a few months and that economic activity will quickly return to normal, vanished, as the number of cases worldwide has increased.

“The biggest risk is what is happening now in the United States and other major countries outside of Asia”, — said the head of SEI Investments in Asian stock John Lau.

At the same time increases the likelihood that the Federal reserve will cut interest rates in the US next month and other major Central banks will follow suit to attempt to relieve the economy from the problems and prevent a global recession.

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