The Network has criticized the new clip Loboda. Video

The fans were not happy.

Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda presented clip for the track the New Rome and ran into criticism. The video appeared on the official YouTube channel of the singer, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

Loboda actively announced the release of the movie, and fans of the star waited for his exit. After the release of the clip was perceived quite negatively.

In the video Loboda appears in a flying saucer and begins to perform strange dance moves in the middle of the road. The singer dressed in a pink hair short fur coat, leather shorts and bra. Later Loboda-alien explodes and appears in other roles and costumes.

Despite the fact that the movie took a successful film Director Alan Badoev, he was not liked by the many fans of the singer.

Netizens noted that “they like other Loboda”, and the video looks “horrible”. On YouTube the video has received 15 thousand likes and almost 10 thousand dislikes allowed.

Despite the criticism, the video has over 2 million views and a lot of positive feedback.

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