Taylor swift became “the man” for the new clip. Video

The star has been transformed into the alpha male.

American country-pop singer and actress Taylor swift became a man. However, only for filming of his new video for the track The Man. The song will be included in the seventh album, Lover. The clip has already appeared on the official star channel on YouTube, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Correspondent.

In the music video, the 31-year-old celebrity appeared in a brutal way the alpha male with all the attributes: yachts, cigars, young mistress. In the song Taylor condemns toxic masculinity and double standards.

In the clip starred by Lauren gray that has the largest number of subscribers in the social network Tik Tok. Grey takes the balls on the court.

Also, viewers will show a small episode in the reincarnation of the singer.

Swift herself wrote the script for the movie and directed. This is her first self-made video clip.

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