Used cars from Europe more expensive

Repair of used cars can greatly appreciate.

Without a doubt, every Ukrainian would like to have your own car. But in our country, save up for a car from your paycheck is not easy: we had believed that, postponing 20% of the minimum wage, to save up for a nice new car will have 10 years, and then all 40, reports the with reference for Today.

No wonder that in such situation, many people look to used cars from Europe. Which, in addition to the initially low prices, there’s another advantage: in Ukraine it can be cheaply repaired. This opinion was expressed by Oleg Nazarenko, General Director of Ukrainian Association of automobile importers and dealers.

“Ukraine is very cheap estimated labor force in the field of service. Repair of old car, the Ukrainians cheaper than the Europeans. In Germany, for the repair of the old car can take 1000 euros, so German is more profitable to sell it to Ukrainian. And due to the fact that we have cheap labor, the same car in Ukraine will be repaired for $ 100,” explained Oleg Nazarenko.

But it won’t be long, he warned: experts go abroad, workers are becoming fewer, and the only way out here is to keep the frames high salaries. And that means that repair cost of cars will rise.

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