The poodle was the best dog USA: fans protest Retriever

Not all happy with the decision.

On the Westminster dog show was won by a poodle named Shiba, but I think the real winner cheated. People believe that the award was supposed to get a Golden Retriever named Daniel. Why is it important to know? The hashtag #Daniellelovesey became viral in just a day, and Seeb seems to have helped the old rules and biased referees, reports the with reference to

Tuesday, February 11, at Madison square garden in new York hosted the 144th annual Westminster dog show. It is held on the East coast of the US since 1877 and is arguably one of the most prestigious competitions of skill and beauty for dogs. Good boys and girls compete in several categories that are relevant to their breeds: sporting, hounds, Terriers, working, herding, dwarf, unsportsmanlike. After determining the seven winners, among them the main winner is determined by a show he or she receives the title of “Best”. The whole 2020 title will wear the standard poodle — bitch by the name of Siba.

By the way, a three year old Shiba became the fourth poodle, which was voted “Best in Westminster show”.

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