The dietician told what foods are harmful to health

The expert explained that was removed from the diet of his family.

Nutritionist-a nutritionist, Elena Cullen said that for her it is very important that lies in her refrigerator. After all, these products affect the health of the family, our efficiency and effectiveness. So the expert on his page on Instagram said, some products are not in the diet of her family. She advises you to exclude them, reports the with reference to RBC.⠀1. Sweet drinks⠀I’m never going to drink sweet drinks. Just one Cup the amount of sugar is several times higher than the daily rate. Artificial dyes contribute to cancer, and phosphoric acid, part of the soda, inhibits the absorption of calcium, which leads to diseases of the teeth and bones.

2. Granola bars⠀Also do not recommend to use the granola bars, they are far from a healthy diet. They are all the same lost its favor grains, lots of sugar and artificial colors.

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