Putin is ridiculed because of the words of “national sports Federation”

Putin said Sambo.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has subjected to ridicule on the Internet, once said that “Sambo is a national sport in Russia,” reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Browser.

“Self — defense without weapons-a martial art that has become bright, clear to the hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people, the hallmark of our national physical fitness and sports”, — said the head of the Russian Federation.

“I think Sambo is that a gay thing. Two men in tights rubbing genitals against each other… and even in such positions… In life don’t fight like this,” noted one user.

“National sport Sambo? And Putin knows the history of this kind of struggle?” — asking others.

“A business card that anyone nafig not surrendered”, “A better way, that our hallmark was the good life of people, not to ask this guy how to live on 10800”, — the irony of others.

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