Network laugh the dog, frightened puppy

Funny acquaintance with relatives.

Funny animals are in most cases stars in the Network. So this time a funny dog, who was not ready to meet with a few relatives, I laugh a lot of users and became a celebrity, reports the with reference to

The owner of four beautiful Golden Retriever, named Winston, decided one day to bring your pet in for a visit. It was not some kind of foreign dogs, on the contrary, it was the kids — nieces and nephews Winston.

Who would have thought that a large and too big dog scared of little defenseless puppies. They met for the first time your so-called “uncle” very warm. In the video we can see how friendly a crowd of kids ran to her unknown relative.

However, apparently, the dog was mentally ready to squeaking and whimpering puppies.

In the room, surrounding Winston on all sides, nine pieces of small future retrievers thronged him for the purpose of communication. But, as it happens in life “little gang” just scared of the adult animal.

It’s funny to watch throwing the dog in the room, it is possible that the first time he saw so many children at once. Fuzzies and didn’t give uncle a break, they took the flight for a fun game. Arranging for your family member to hunt, puppies should not be questioned “victory.” And who knows what a tough test the puppies made Winston.

One can only imagine how tempered dog would be if I lived in the same housing, with such a Horde. Then surely, we would have nerves of steel and a deadpan look that good exists.

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