Named best products to reduce pressure

They really work.

Nutritionist and spokesman for the German society of nutrition Antje Gal shared her tips on how to adjust the diet to lower blood pressure. Specialist including called the perfect anti-hypertensive products, reports the with reference to People, faced with the problem of high blood pressure and the need for its reduction, Antje Gal encourages daily use of fruits and vegetables. According to experts, this not only reduces blood pressure but also increases the body’s absorption of potassium, fiber, antioxidants and phytochemicals. Great fighters against cancer is blueberry and pomegranate, noticed Gal.

As for vegetables, the nutritionist advises to be sure to consume leafy vegetables such as Swiss chard and spinach because they contain a lot of natural nitrates – substances that contribute to relaxation of the vascular wall and the natural reduction in high blood pressure.

In addition, several times a day should be consumed whole-grain products, said Antje Gal.

Also a nutritionist believes that it is important to drink a lot of tea. Green tea and herbal tea is especially ideal in this case. As appetizers to the tea nutritionist recommends unsalted pistachios and other nuts.

“In addition, you should use Flaxseed oil, walnuts, and sea fish, such as salmon or mackerel because they contained the fatty acid omega-3 protect blood vessels and reduce high blood pressure,” added the expert.An important factor in the control of blood pressure is salt. When cooking it is better to use more herbs than salt, gave another tip Gal.

To reduce pressure, in addition, it is important to minimize the consumption of unhealthy products, said the expert.

“Foods that should be reduced in the diet, and at best to avoid prepared foods, white flour, foods with a high amount of salt and sugar, solid and saturated fats in potato chips, French fries and other fried foods, red meat and sausages. In addition, alcohol. It increases blood pressure and attacks the cells. That’s why doctors advise to keep at least four non-alcoholic days a week. It is better not to drink alcohol at all” — stated the expert.

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