Called causes of gallstones

This is a common problem.

Gallstone disease can have on an individual extremely negative consequences, even death, if it is not started in time to treat, reports the with reference to

When gallstones in the gallbladder and ducts begin to form stones (calculi). This is a fairly common disease among both men and women. The thicket of all this disease occurs after the age of 45 in women who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

The occurrence of concretions is due to the increased concentration of bile particles. They form the organic substance, bile pigments, calcium salts. They can vary in size, from sand to fairly large stones. Stone in the gall bladder can be as one, there may be several. Subsequently, their number may reach hundreds.

They subsequently block the normal gall bladder, leading to irreversible consequences for the individual. To remedy the situation, often require surgical intervention.

Doctors told, what factors lead to the formation of such stones. First and foremost, unhealthy diet. In particular, the abuse of highly fatty and salty food. Also, this lack of physical activity, even in very small amounts. So doctors even in sedentary work recommended workout for 5-10 minutes.

The formation of stones also affects the adoption of hormonal contraceptive pills. Therefore, before applying them should consult a doctor.

Don’t forget about motility disorders in the biliary tract. It can also lead to the formation of stones. It is worth regularly checking your gallbladder with the help of diagnostic quality.

In addition, the formation of stones, influences and chronic pancreatitis.

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