The doctors explained why it is important to sleep at least eight hours a day

Debunked popular myths.

Sleep at least eight hours a day is not just a common norm, but also a vital necessity for the average body. Happen rare exceptions, however, to repeat them is dangerous, reports the with reference on Voice.

This statement was made by a famous neuroscientist Vladimir Dorokhov.

The myths attributed to Napoleon, Alexander the great, Margaret Thatcher, and other historical personalities one thing in common – they all allegedly very little sleep and time to do more than others.

To check the veracity of these myths is unrealistic, but to repeat them and reduce the amount of time allowed for sleep can be dangerous. According to the doctor of biological Sciences Vladimir Dorokhov, for example, about the same Margaret Thatcher was known for certain that she was a carrier of a rare gene “short sleep”. Now not many people who have this gene, but these people really can sleep in only 4 hours.

That’s just to repeat them is not worth it. For the average person, says the expert, the reduction of sleep time below a mark in 8 hours is in mortal danger. In an interview with reporters, the expert stressed, sleep is vital to the body because during this time he in some degree “mends itself from error.” And in the case of shortage of sleep and the lack of timely “fix” will begin much more serious health problems.

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