Scientists explain why Breakfast needs to be hearty

It is not to be missed.

A new study by German researchers from the University of lübeck (Germany) have shown that a hearty Breakfast helps prevent obesity and keep your blood sugar under control, which reduces the chance of developing type II diabetes, reports the with reference on Voice.

To digest and absorb food and also to distribute the body nutrients our body consumes energy. This is called dietary thermogenesis, it is not always the same, the power consumption can differ depending on the time of the meal.

“We found that food which was eaten for Breakfast, regardless of the number of calories it contains, creates twice as much dietary thermogenesis than the same foods consumed for lunch. This conclusion is important for all people, as it emphasizes the value of a hearty Breakfast,” said Dr. Julian Richter, one of the study’s authors.

In the study, experts have studied the body’s response to eating 16 men. The first time they got a low calorie Breakfast and high calorie dinner. In the second — on the contrary. Scientists have discovered that dietary thermogenesis caused by eating food with the same caloric value, morning, 2.5 times higher than in the afternoon or evening. Blood sugar after a hearty Breakfast, also rose significantly lower. In addition, when people ate for Breakfast is not enough, their appetite throughout the day was much too high, particularly increased sugar cravings.

“We recommend that patients with obesity and healthy people to eat more at Breakfast rather than at dinner to reduce body weight and prevent metabolic disease,” said Dr. Richter.

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